Buzzed Hearts


Episode 6

Zachary was part of the problems she had. Problem, because she loved him and he didn’t love her in return and she couldn’t believe it was now an open secret. It’s so sad to imagine that they would never end up together, but what could she do?.

She slouched down on the bench, close to the tree in her father’s compound. Still mulling over what to do about her present predicament, she closed her eyes. One, she could never bring herself to go back to Edwin’s house. Two, she wanted nothing to do with Edwin, and she never wants him to find out about Cara.

One thing that kept troubling her though, was the fact that she had no other means of making money. Her mother wasn’t reliable, has never been and would never be. Her father wasn’t at all helpful. Her mother’s words were always final, her mother could wake up one morning and decide to kick her out of the house like she once did and her father would be totally supportive.

“You’ve been avoiding me.” Zachary stated. Uwa turned around at once, her heart pounding fast against her chest.

“Idiot.” She said, trying all she could to appear calm. Her voice though was dotted with fear.

“So that’s it? You don’t have any reason for choosing to avoid me?” Zachary said.

Uwa’s throat knotted, she looked away. “Have I been avoiding you?”

Zachary let out a breath. “You are just a fish. Please at least tell me you’ve been avoiding me because you started working as a maid. Because it’s the craziest shit you’ve ever had to do for money.”

Uwa scoffed. “How has work been at the hotel?” She asked.

“Your bestie now works for a computer firm, and darling there’s a lot you don’t know about him, now.”

Uwa laughed shortly. “Like what?”

“How do I put this?” He asked himself, smiling mischievously. “As it appears, I got more female admirers than Davido.”

“Ah! You wish.” Uwa laughed. For once she forgot her pains. She couldn’t believe she made her self to believe he was one of the problems she had, why on earth had she called him something not befitting of his personality? She was still smiling when Zachary said what he had to say next. “Pardon?” She asked.

“I said, I was kissed some weeks back.” He said. Uwa was surprised and instead of look away, she was looking Zachary in the eyes. “Yeah,” Zachary continued. “Could be any girl, i’m suspecting Jolie and if she thinks we could possibly get back together, then i’m sorry for her.”

Uwa swallowed. “Will you not know if she kissed you?” She asked.

“Ehm, I don’t know how kissing her feels like anymore. Besides, she’s the only one I know, who wear push up bras that are as hefty as my mattress. Why do you look so surprised? You would’ve loved to kiss me right?” He said, taking two steps forward.

“You are high.” Uwa said, hitting him playfully on his arm. A part of her was glad he didn’t know she was the mystery kisser and another part disappointed at the fact that he didn’t know that she were. She couldn’t place her feelings, but she sure as hell was disappointed. Her smile vanished, and because she knew she couldn’t contain her disappointment, she walked angrily away.

Edwin took a deep breath as he entered the cab and sat next to Isio. They were heading home from Benin airport. Isio had been insistent on going home with him and he didn’t know what to say to make her change her mind, but he knew his mother would be so glad to see a girl with him.

Maybe, just maybe he would be willing to address her as his girlfriend. But he knew he never wanted to settle down and it wasn’t because Isio wasn’t the right one for him. As a matter of fact, Isio was a girl after his own heart. If he had ever wanted to marry, then he could’ve considered marrying the first girl he made love to, he could never bring himself to explain how much attraction was between them. But she was no different from the other girls he had meant. She was by far the most unskilled gold digger, he had come across.

He took a deep breath and looked out the window. The lines in his jaw had hardened and he hadn’t realized on time, that he had been frowning.

Isio chuckled. “I know why you’re like this. I’m sorry about the times you had to sleep without eating, but the truth is, I find cooking tedious and multi tasking. I don’t have to pretend to like the things I don’t like, just because we are dating.” She said.

Edwin turned to look at her, then peeked outside a bit, looking through the window of the car. The cab was a few meters away from Ben-oni, where his late father’s mansion sat.

“Are you seriously gonna avoid me? You have been like this since we boarded the flight. You should know me by now, I joke about almost everything. I am your personal clown and i’m not serious about finding cooking tedious. I thought you would laugh to that, like why would I really be that straightforward?”

Edwin took a deep breath. “We are home.” He said, adjusting his tie. He got down from the cab and tipped the driver. Isio alerted from the cab, frowning and didn’t wait for Edwin to get their bags, before she walked over to the gate.

Uwa couldn’t be any happy. She couldn’t hide her disappointment still and as she ate from the strawberries Mrs Ometie gave to her the previous day, she kept mumbling to herself. She was sardined between strangers in a rickety cab and was on her way to the mansion. The people sitting next to her, kept looking her way, with pity in their eyes. Who wouldn’t? When she kept talking to herself.

She tried to imagine how the situation would’ve turned out to be if Zachary had guessed her to be the mystery kisser. She would’ve been too embarrassed, but maybe another kiss would’ve happened. In the moment she pictured things getting more intense from then on, and Zachary going on his knees someday to ask for her hand in marriage. But, he didn’t know she was the mystery kisser and might never love her in return.

Talking about her idea man, Zachary was that and more. He could very well look after Cara as if she were his. Although she never wants to admit it, but she knew no guy would be willing to accept Cara as his daughter. She was a damaged good, and a part of her was willing to try, willing to get noticed by a man who would represent Cara’s father. But all along, she had only thought of Zachary as that man. If there has ever been a time she thought of hunting for a husband, it was because she thought someday, Zachary would ask her to be his wife.

“Morning ma’am.” Uwa greeted.

“Morning angel.” Mrs Ometie replied. The nurse was just beside her and was giving her drugs. “We should make your stay in the house officer and you don’t have to worry about coming late or early to work.” She said, as she looked from the hefty wall clock to Uwa.

“Sorry about my lateness ma’am.” Uwa said. “What drug is that?”

“Yes?” The nurse replied in a sarcastic and unruly tone.

“Can I know why you want her to take that now?” Uwa asked.

The nurse scoffed. “Can you at least mind your business?”

Mrs Ometie sighed. “I have warned you to not be this way with everyone.” She said, addressing the nurse.

“Tell her to stop asking meaningless questions. I’m the nurse here.”

“I’m also a nurse.” Uwa said. She couldn’t stand the nurse and had wanted to say something that would bruise her ego. “Why give her all the drugs at once?”

“Go and clean.” The nurse said.

“That would be after I decide the drugs she would take now.”

“Can you listen to yourself? How can a maid be instructing me on what to do?”

“I am a nurse!” Uwa said.

Mrs Ometie who seemed to not be enjoying the show, folded her arms across her chest, looking away. She had, had too many dramas in one day. First it was Edwin coming home with a girl whom he was obviously fighting with. He hadn’t introduced her. Although she didn’t know what was going on with the two, the young lady had acted too childish by walking out of the sitting room, even without waiting to be introduced. Edwin on the other hand, had since refused to come out of his room.

“Now tell me, what is she suppose to take now?” The nurse asked. “Do you even know what is wrong with her?”

Uwa looked away, realizing she had been arguing blinding. She just knew the dosage wasn’t right and that was all. As she was about to open her mouth to talk, her eyes fell on Edwin who was walking down the stairs, shirt less. The same way she had first seen him some years back.

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Buzzed Hearts


Episode 5

Uwa had difficulty with breathing. Edwin? She asked herself. She stared unbelievably at his picture and although Mrs Ometie was talking to her, she was far gone in thoughts. “Edwin.” She mumbled under her breath.

“Pardon?” Mrs Ometie asked.

Uwa swallowed and turned to look at Mrs Ometie. “Ma’am?” She asked.

Mrs Ometie sighed. “We won’t be needing extra hands today, if that’s what you are afraid of. Taylor here, doubled as my nurse and housemaid. She cleaned before you came in
. You are acquainted with the rooms, I guess? Meanwhile if you can cook too, I don’t see how I will not be willing to double your salary.”

“Just like that?” The nurse asked.

Mrs Ometie eyeballed her. Uwa looked toward the nurse’s direction too. “As I was saying.” Mrs Ometie continued tentatively. “Can you cook?”

“Do you need to ask her?” Delia asked irritably.

Mrs Ometie took a deep breath. “You can excuse us.” She said, addressing Delia and the nurse. The nurse who though had been acting as though she was disgusted and that a likely barrier was being set her way, smiled broadly. She curtsied before taking her leave and Uwa didn’t miss the glint of sarcasm in her smile.

Uwa still had her confused look on. She was fidgeting and it wasn’t as if the room was cold, the air outside wasn’t cold either. In order to avoid Mrs Ometie’s eyes, she fixed her gaze on the black door. She didn’t know which scared her the most at the time, standing in front of Cara’s grandmother, or being in Edwin’s home. A thought occurred to her, what if Edwin walked in the door? She dreaded seeing him. No, she couldn’t possibly let that happen.

“You look cold. I will put off the A.C.” Mrs Ometie said, as she reached for the control. “Done.” She said. “Now, can you or can you not work for us?” Mrs Ometie asked.

“Mom, really?” Delia asked, as she climbed down from the stairs. “These questions aren’t necessary, you already know she will be working for you. Bloom wouldn’t send you someone who isn’t properly trained and who isn’t ready to work.”

Uwa turned to look at Delia, her heart racing fast against her chest. She didn’t know why she was still there and why she hasn’t informed them that she couldn’t take the job. By all means, Mrs Ometie was right for asking the question.

“Were are you going to?” Mrs Ometie asked.

“Work. Where else? I called uber already.” Delia said, she walked over to meet Uwa and drew Uwa’s earlobe as she whispered into her ear. “My mom’s favorite routine is asking really annoying question. With time, you will get used to her. As for the Taylor, she is dotted with craziness, no doubt. Her mother is a distant relation. She acts like she owns the house, get used to that.” She said, smiling. Uwa swallowed for the millionth time.

“We can’t keep eating out, isn’t there anything you could cook?”
Isio scoffed. “Can you listen to yourself? We are in Abuja, not Benin. We are on a business trip, nothing else.”

“Had we still been staying at the hotel, I wouldn’t be bothering you. Mr Odafe is kind enough to let us stay in his guest house, till the campaign and entire business is set rolling. I didn’t even think the refrigerator will be well stocked. You can make something from the food items you find in the refrigerator, can’t you?”

“It’s late, I don’t cook when it’s late.”

“It’s only a quarter past six. I’m starving, it’s raining, I don’t do well in cold weather.”

“Let’s go out…we could get a…a local restaurant to eat.” She hugged and kissed him lightly on the cheek. “Care to change?” She asked.

Edwin too a deep breath and returned to the leather chair. He picked his phone and ordered for food he recently installed. He soon relaxed into the chair and slept off.

Uwa walked into the bedroom and walked out almost immediately, giving an exasperated sigh. She had earlier searched everywhere for Cara and was still looking to find her somewhere in the compound, since she knew Eseosa and Dorathy weren’t going that day with their mother to her pharmacy. She saw some group of young school girls walking past the street and reminded herself that Eseosa and Dorathy were still on holiday from school. Or did they go to school? What about Cara? She wondered if the girls had grabbed a jacket for Cara, it was cold and it wasn’t her imagination doing a trick on her this time. The weather had become Incredibly cold and Cara didn’t do well in cold weather.
As she turned around, her eyes met Amy’s. She walked over to meet her sister, but stood with hands folded across her chest, not knowing what to say or where to start from.

“Have got good news!” Amy said, smiling broadly.

“What news?” Uwa asked, sounding the least excited.

“I got a job! I’ve been meaning to tell you since yesterday, but I noticed you didn’t come home on time and might have been stressed out.”

“Congrats.” Uwa said. She turned and was about to walk away when Amy pulled her back.

“You don’t look cheerful.”

“Why should I?” Uwa asked.

Amy swallowed. “What is it?”

Dead silence fell and after what seemed like a hundred years, Uwa finally opened her mouth to speak. “It’s Edwin’s house.”

“Where is?”

Uwa narrowed her eyes in frustration. “Where else?”

“Oh my God!” Amy said. “This must be fate.”

Uwa scoffed. “He wasn’t around when I arrived the house and just so you know, i’m not going back there.”

“You need the money.” Amy chipped in quietly.

Uwa scoffed. “I have never needed his money for anything. If not that I lost my job six months back, I wouldn’t be this much of a mess. Cara would still be going to school, I would still be able to strut my stuff and find Cara a new father.”

Amy shook her head in disbelief. “Your head is still a total mess, and by the way don’t you mean, strut your stuff for Zachary who you are hopelessly in love with?” She asked.

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Hello, Love.

Sorry there would be no post today. But I’ve got a wonderful news! It’s my second nomination since my journey as a fiction series writer and blogger started. I’m more than grateful to God. Click on the link to vote for me under the student blogsite category. The name is Osas Idubor representing Ambrose Alli University. Thanks and God bless.


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